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Solace is a spa and meditation retreat which rejuvenates both the body and the mind for a complete sensory experience. The space allows its users to transition from their daily lifestyle and mindset to a lighter sense of being. The space begins with an area for reflection, followed by spa activities and ends with a relaxed meditation zone.

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Posted in Personal Projects on April 26th, 2006 by Charu

The veranda is a heritage center proposed to be built along the historical district of boat quay. It will act as a small tribute to the indian community in Singapore, an opportunity for the locals and foreigners to identify with the culture that India has to offer. It consists of a library, an archive, a souvenir shop, a cafe, and a sheeshah lounge. The design for this project is inspired from the traditional temple architecture.

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NUS Museum

Posted in Personal Projects on September 26th, 2005 by Charu

The design comprises of a plastic environment which encapsulates the essence of fluidity by giving an impression of being one single joint product. The material of fibre glass also enhances the fluidity of the design and the orange colour brings out the fun  in a museum environment. My work has been inspired by the likes of Karim Rashid who also likes to experiment with both colours, and fluid designs by merging floors and walls.



Posted in Personal Projects on April 26th, 2005 by Charu

Elasticity is a commercial interior environment designed for young children and inspired from the concept of elastic bands. The shop contains four main areas:

  1. The workshop - designed to teach children gift-wrapping using elastic bands of various sizes and colours
  2. The shop - where children can buy souvenirs from
  3. The display section - where interesting rubber products are kept together with curious facts about them
  4. The play area - created by interweaving  elastic bands

Home Studio

Posted in Personal Projects on November 26th, 2004 by Charu

The home studio project was aimed to create a studio accomodation for a designer who would wish to work and spend time with family within one space. I was inspired by an initial experimental model which was based on permutation of simple geometrical shapes at difference in levels. The residential and office units stand facing each other separated by the swimming pool, garden, and the main entrance.

Abstract Experiment

Posted in Personal Projects on October 26th, 2004 by Charu

This model was a result of an abstraction derived from drawings of twigs found in their natural state on the ground. The combination of the sunlight and the shadows casted by these twigs on the ground created a vivid picture which I converted into a functional space.